JRED Java Rapid Enterprise Development                                                        
To Run JRED.

Unzip the download bundle into a directory of your choice.

into your c:\jred


Example :
unzip downloadbundle.zip
tar xvf  downloadbundle.tar
jar xvf downloadbundle.jar

Directory structure on linux

After succesfully unzip the package
To Run the application assuming you have Ant and JDK1.4  (any version with swing)
installed in your path.



You will see a screen as below
Image loading

If you run into issues check the build.xml and build.properties file located in /home/ravi/jred/bin
Please set the JAVAHOME and ANTHOME in your classpath if you have not done so already.

Quick Start to run the Application.
Main jar file : jred.jar located in /jred/lib
Main Class : jred.controller.JRED 

1)to creating your EntityBean
Set the rootpath (your project path)

2) set the package name

3) write your bean description

4) Pick CMP (this version supports only CMP)

5) Leave the default JNDI Name for init test

6) Leave the default Local JNDI Name for init test

7) type your primnay key

8) Type String

9) Your Name

10 ) Next

You will see
image loading

1) write comment for your method (java doc)
2) Method name example

click add method

add lastname in methodname
and click add method repeat the process to your requirements.

3) To DELETE a method click on the Method Tree on the right.

3) Next

Relation will be explained in later DOCs.

image loading

This is your generated EntityBean File
Make changes or add addtional tags as you please following xdoclet tags.

If no changes are needed click Generate.

This will generate YouBeanName.java in your rootpath/package/

You should also see build.properties and build.xml file for Ant
in your project tree.

Make the necessary changes to you build.properties and build.xml file.
You will need to download xdocklet and some j2ee app server to build
the ejb.jar file since it needs the jar files to compile and generate the ejb.jar file.

For Init Testing download and deploy in JBOSS.

Assuming you have the Ant(http://ant.apache.org/) and xdocklet(http://xdoclet.sourceforge.net/)
and jboss all installed or have the needed jar file to use build.xml . You can
type ant jar in your project this will generate the need classes YourBeanCMP,YourBeanPK
etc and the ejb.jar file for you to deploy into an app server.

(c) jred 2003